Viewfield Rail Loading Facility

Project Overview

SE Project Overview

The base concept was to build a facility to load C3, C4, and C5 via pipelines from the Viewfield gas plant. In addition, there would be at least one crude oil line, either from Melrose or the Viewfield tanks connected to the facility, possibly both. Also, there would be a full-scale truck rack connected, either at the rail facility or back at the tanks or battery (facility economics will dictate how much is trucked and how much will be pipelined). Crescent Point would look at moving approximately 5000 bpd of oil and 2500 bpd of NGL as a base load but designing for a peak capacity of 40,000 bpd of oil.

SW Project Overview

In the SW, Crescent Point was working with Elbow River Marketing to establish markets for the Shaunavon crude oil. The Great Western Shortline served SW and the goal was to utilize existing pipeline infrastructure and add a riser right beside the line and set up a 2 car rack in which they could load oil. The base load on this project would be likely 3000 bpd with the ability to move up to 12,000+ bpd when required.

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