Valhalla Sour Gas Plant Expansion

Project Overview

Kanata Energy Group Ltd. commissioned Tridyne Projects to full EPCM for the expansion of the existing Valhalla gas plant located at 13-21-76-09-W6M from a current throughput of 12mmscfd to 45mmscfd.

The project scope included the following major items:

  • Modify existing separator demister pad
  • Add a 38mmscfd capacity amine unit to operate in parallel with existing reduced throughput Amine unit
  • Demolish existing refrigeration compression sub-skid
  • Install a 45mmscfd refrigeration unit (-32°C)
  • Re-configure existing compression for sales compression and LP inlet / process overheads compression
  • Demolish existing stabilizer unit and replace with a larger unit
  • Add a 60,000 gallon NGL storage bullet
  • Add two 400bbl condensate tanks
  • Reserve plot space and tie-ins for future condensate and NGL liquids treating packages
  • Add new heat medium system
  • Install an acid gas compressor and integral dehydration
  • Install acid gas and fuel gas pipelines to acid gas injection well
  • Install acid gas injection facilities.
  • Install new MCC building and convert existing PLC5 to new Control Logix PLC
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