Stoughton Rail Loading Station

Project Overview

Crescent Point required the installation of rail truck loading equipment at their site which included the construction of a new single spur approximately 700 feet in length, along with installation of eight (8) dual sided loading stations that allow loading on both existing and proposed tracks with maximum loading capacity of 60,000 bbl/day (9,539 m3/day). The project will result in at total of sixteen (16) possible loading spots. Each spot will be complete with a rail car rack access system, loading arm, and all instrumentation, valves and meters as required. New loading pump skid and operator/control building will be installed along with new 20” (508 mm) loading header. A common platform will be installed to provide access to the loading spots. Concrete piles will be used to provide foundation for structural steel.

One (1) 40,000 bbl (6,359 m3) crude oil storage tank will be erected on site. The tank will be installed on an engineered foundation. A secondary containment will be sized for 110% capacity of the tank.

Approximately 8 km of 12” (323.9 mm) pipeline will be constructed to deliver crude oil to the loading site location.

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