Stony Beach Pipeline HDD Replacement

Project Overview

Gibson Energy Corporation (Gibson) retained Tridyne Projects Corporation (Tridyne) to provide engineering, procurement, and construction management for the installation of a new NPS 8 pipeline crossing of Moose Jaw River complete with tie-ins to the existing Stony Beach Pipeline as part of an integrity management program.

The new pipeline system includes a 2.0 km NPS 8 pipeline installed by the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drill) method, two manual block valves stations, and tie-ins to the existing pipeline.


Tridyne acted as the engineering firm managing all office design and field work, including the design of the HDD, pullback, block valves stations and tie-ins. Tridyne also contracted the Geotech, Geophysics, and stress analysis for the design and procured all of the materials and services for the complete project i.e. pipe, fabricated bends, valves, fittings, HDD contractor, pipeline contractor, NDE contractor and Environmental contractor.

Tridyne acted as the Construction Manager and “Prime Contractor” on site providing all field management and inspection services to complete the work.

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