O’Chiese Pipeline

Project Overview

TAQA North (TAQA) retained Tridyne Projects Corporation to provide engineering, procurement, regulatory support and construction support for the installation of a new pipeline system and facility tie-ins.

The new pipeline system includes a 5km NPS 10 pipeline which connected TAQA’s existing facility site to a new facility site.

The route included three horizontal directional drills (HDD) of various watercourse crossings. The profile length of the drills ranged from 157m to 412m. The longer drill was completed by an HDD Design Contractor. The other two engineered crossings were completed by Tridyne’s trenchless design team.

Tridyne contracted the Geotechnical Analysis, Stress Analysis, HDD Design Contractor, Cathodic Protection Design, and AC Mitigation Design.

Tridyne compiled and submitted the regulatory application on behalf of TAQA and provided full procurement services of materials and contractors for construction and installation.