Modular Severe Service Pressure Letdown Stations

project overview

Tridyne was retained to provide a repeatable modular design for two configurations (Horizontal & Vertical) on High Pressure (2500# ANSI), High Temperature (408┬░C) Refinery letdown skids.

In addition to the initial design, Tridyne is in the design phase to produce five stations for a Refinery in India. Some of the deliverables for the scope of the design and associated deliverables include:

  • Project Management and Engineering Services
  • Engineering Design services and Fabrication design services
  • To develop all the required documentation for the design and engineering, installation, pre-commissioning and validation, operation and maintenance┬ástages of the Module Units, as per Project Specifications
  • Project and document control including schedule
  • Generations of a 3D Model that will include the primary process piping andany secondary equipment or piping that will have an influence on the size and internal stress of the module piping and components
  • Conducting FEA of primary process piping of each layout considered to ensure that the different modes of the module do not result in high stress or strain.
  • Develop engineering deliverables, to be issued to the contractor. Including:
        • Installation, pre-commissioning and validation procedures o Functional (FAT and SAT) testing schedule and procedure o Installation, Operation and Maintenance procedures (IOM)
        • Detailed FEA Analysis for Stress evaluation
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